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local workers are preparing to head out a statement of the victims of hurricane sandy. >> close the final stretch. see what president obama and mitt romney are campaigning before and the election. -- where. "good morning washington" at
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5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, november 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to a meteorologist jacqui jeras with our forecast. >> good morning. a chilly start. that willll be the rule the next couple days. 43 degrees is where we are starting out at reagan national with pretty light wind, so we are not dealing with multiple wind chills. cold temperatures 32 in oakwood, virginia, 32 in stafford 33 in mchenry maryland, and 35 in chantilly -- 32 in elkwood. there could be a sprinkle or snow flurry later this morning. otherwise dry.
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high temperature of about 10 degrees below average. we should reach about 55 by 5:00. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. >> not bad for this friday morning. here we are at the dulles interchange, 28. route 28 is a little east of dulles airport, looking pretty good. 270 at 109, no problems. looks good through frederick county and madera county and down to the lane divide, and looking good even after that. in virginia, 66 near glebe road, everything looks good. 395 north of duke street, up to the 14th street bridge, no problems. everything is open. looks good all the way up to and across the 14th street bridge to the southeast and southwest freeway. starting off well on your friday morning. back to you. >> thank you. efforts to ease the growing
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frustration among the millions of victims of hurricane sandy still without power. >> residence in new york and new jersey dealing with dwindling supplies of food, water, and gas. tahman bradley begins our team coverage. >> and you may be gone, but frustration in parts of new york is growing. >> we are going to die. we are going to freeze. >> this manhattan neighborhood, recovery continues at a slow pace. residents feel they have been forgotten. >> they have no value. they see other areas are being taken care of and they totally overlooked us. but hundreds showed up for food from local churches and aid organizations. >> we had to throw food out of the refrigerator. >> it was another night of darkness and cold fro s.i. thousands still without power many homeless. -- for -- another night of dark clouds
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and cold for thousands of people still without power. antelope boys were torn from their mothers' arms when the storm hit s.i. - -and two boys were torn from their mother from dead. pindar's it, door-to-door rest used by emergency crews and the national guard continue while natural gas fires burned in mantiloking where homes were destroyed. new york city will try to return to normal this weekend. the mayor says the marathon will go on, but some people say that it should not because of the strained and already limited city resources. >> a lot of the damage is in staten island, where the race begins. >> under the workers with dominion virginia power and the
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american red cross are packing up and are prepared to head out of state. they will provide relief in some areas hit hardest by hurricane sandy. john gonzalez is an national harbor where they are staging to leave in a couple hours. >> its been a long week for virginia dominion. they restore power to more than 300,000 homes in northern virginia. pretty much everyone is back up and running, but the work continues for the company. this is a mobile operation this morning. 1500 workers are being sent out this morning to new jersey, where major outages remain. we are told this is the largest group ever sent out of state. these men and women are coming off very long days, as you can imagine. along the jersey shore, 50% of the homes are still without power and it could last another 10 days, not to mention temperatures expected to dip into the 30's this weekend up north. locally, the red cross is deploying volunteers and
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resources to west virginia where sandy pushed over 3 feet of snow. here at the gay lord, this is a very large parking lot at the national harbor. t-- the gaylord. they will have breakfast at 6:00 this morning and then hit the road around 8:00. reporting live, john gonzalez. >> thanks so much. authorities warning about the likelihood of scams in the wake of hurricane sandy. you should watch out for a bogus charity is seeking donations for hurricane victims. and you could be vulnerable to home repair scams. used cars being sold could be exploited. look for those as well. >> president obama and mitt romney making a final push for votes. president campaigning today in ohio. mitt romney will be in ohio and wisconsin. president obama focused his closing argument on bringing about change and mitt romney
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countered that argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought forest. you have too. after all we have been through together, we snot give up now. >> america finally needs real change that was promised. preclude york city mayor bloomberg endorsing president obama, saying hurricane sandy x3 shaped his thinking and that the president will take action on climate change. the commander-in-chief will be in northern virginia visiting brazil, near gainesville, on saturday. temperature is 42 degrees. >> still ahead if you want to take metro this weekend, plan ahead.
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>> 0, my god. no. my god. >> an emotional moment for the new jersey woman reunited with her cat. the animal had been left behind when hurricane sandy forced the woman into a shelter. the police chief a range of the reunion. the little things. >> it's like a member of the family. >> it's really good to check on
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your pets in disasters as well. there are some shelters that do allow pets, so that is something to keep in mind. it is kind of cloudy new this morning. the satellite and radar picture shows we have some breaks in the clouds but we have an upper level disturbance that will be pushing through today. that could potentially squeeze out a flurry or agreed shower. we will be dealing with a day much like yesterday for the most part. . the sun and periods of cloudy and maybe a sprinkle -- periods of sun. 32 degrees in stafford, 33 in mchenry, 35 in chantilly. we want to know where is adam caskey? he is in storm chaser 7 this morning. i hope you have a jacket. thank goodness. you had been wearing short sleeves, so i was worried this morning. parts i am wearing a few layers right
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now, keeping warm. we have widespread 30's across our region. it's one of those mornings to dress in layers, which will be the case the next couple days. i am in bethesda outside a diner, which is open 24 hours. let's look at the temperature out here in bethesda. 43 degrees. not quite pack as bad at this exact location as an outlying areas. let's show you some of the other regional temperatures. many 30-degree readings, especially just west of washington. 34 degrees in winchester, 36 in gaithersburg, 38 in martinsburg. a little bit of a taste of winter in the air. 34 in manassas along with culpeper. 45 copies in annapolis. partly sunny today. a little sprinkle is possible and maybe an isolated flurry early this morning. that's about all. the weekend looks good.
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more sunshine than what we have seen lately, with highs in the mid 50's. that's the latest from bethesda. now to steve hershorn for the commute. >> we start with 66 eastbound towards the roosevelt bridge, springfield, looks pretty good right now towards the springfield interchange. here is 66 at the roosevelt bridge. inside the beltway and outside starting off well with. no with the beltway at new hampshire avenue, waiting for delays to build on this friday, but we are in good shape so far. outer loop between college park and silver spring, moving very smoothly. you should find everything open. now to the springfield interchange. northbound 95 from dale city to springfield, a little heavier now in all lanes but no incidents. 395 still good for all the way through to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you.
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5:13. get ready for delays on metro this weekend. >> orange line trains will not run between foggy bottom and courthouse. trains will not run between foggy bottom and pentagon. that 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. shuttle buses will be available. -- blue line trains will not run between foggy bottom and pentagon. and there will be no work on the yellow or the green line's this weekend. red line trains single-tracking on two sections. >> still to come, a local police officers charged with attempted
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>> tonight at 5:00, a very special justin bieber fan has a special wish. a wish we have been working on for months. with until you see how abc 7 makes her dream come true. that's tonight at 5:00. >> its friday morning. crown prince george's county district heights officer charged with attempted murder, now has a bond review hearing today. sgt. johnnie riley is being held without bond for shooting a handcuffed suspect in the back. in september he pulled calvin kyle over on suspicion of driving a stolen motorcycle. the suspect ran away. that's when riley shot him. the suspect is now paralyzed from the waist down. and suspected of carrying out
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pipe bombing behind bars. laurence stewart was arrested in thursday after police found jim bickley in montana. investigators believe it he was trying to kill his former girlfriend. as well as the officers who arrested him on domestic violence charges. it's not clear when he will be sent back to virginia. >> time to check on the weather would jacqui jeras. >> good morning. icu got this letter out today. >> it's cold. it's about that time of year. we are below average. so you can complain a little just because we are colder than we should be but it will stick around for awhile. let's show you what's going on on the radar. this is something we are watching some drier air is moving in. we are trying to get a little clearing, but in the upper
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atmosphere we have a piece of energy that will be moving through. that will bring some clouds. and it will try to bring a couple sprinkles or salaries. don't be surprised. -- sprinkles or flurries. this morning it is still dark. we have a little cloud cover. in the 40's along the coast. here's a colder pocket of air that's down the appalachian mountain expanded to the deep south. it's 43 degrees at reagan national. that is warmer than most of the region. 36 in gaithersburg, 34 in manassas, 38 at dulles. our average high is 63, average low of 45. in the future we will continue to see our full coming in predominantly out of the north northwest. that will keep us chilly out. partly sunny, a few sprinkles possible, 52-56 today.
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in the thirties tonight. your seven-day forecast, don't forget to set the clock back by one hour before you go to bed saturday night. we are watching for a potential coastal storm down the line in the middle of next week's. stay tuned here for any changes on that. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. >> good morning. sometimes we call this friday night. here we are at the springfield interchange, moving pretty smoothly no outbound 495 through dale city and springfield and hov lanes without incident continuing on 395 to the 14th street bridge, looking okay. near route 109 on 270 from frederick county into montgomery county, moving pretty well with more volume, but not so bad. here we are on the beltway at university boulevard still good from college park to silver spring. on the left is the outer loop. a good ride on both sides.
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back to you. >> thank you. apple is going out its newest product this morning, the ipad mini. >> cell phone service improving in the aftermath of sandy. rob nelson has all the details. >> there is no huge frenzy, but the wait is over for apple fans like the spokes in tokyo wanting to get their hands on the ipad mini. the nine-inch tablet goes on sale for $400 for the wi-fi only. self-service is getting better for people in the hurricane zone. 20% of the cell phone sites in the region are still knocked down. google recently introduced its latest smartphone running android 4.2. there was a lot to like about it, including a photo feature. >> you can take a 360 degree photograph that also captures
5:22 am
wide angle. really cool. and there's no lag to the operating system. >> have a great day.
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>> touchdown. >> former redskins player turner headed for the guillotine. the chargers were not corn to
5:26 am
let it happen. they defeated the chiefs, 31-13. turner survive to coach another day. >> virginia tech's long run came to an end last night, falling to miami. >> here's tim brant with the rest of sports this morning. >> deangelo hall will play on sunday against cam newton because the nfl has decided not to suspend him for his explosion blast sunday. hall will receive a hefty fine and a strong warning that it will not happen again. everyone wants to compare r.g. iii, but newton has been in a slump and was asked to give advice to robert griffin iii. >> he's just got to keep playing, especially in this
5:27 am
league and the division he's playing. he has had a lot of success and i hope the best for him. my words to him would be just keep playing and playing with confidence. >> that was cam newton. have a great day. >> thank you. 5:27, 42 degrees on this friday. much more news when we continue at 5:30. >> and an update on the aftermath of sandy. hundreds of local workers from the d.c. area getting ready to help tho
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> our job has moved from saving
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lives now to rebuilding. we must work together. >> some local companies are pitching in to help the communities that sandy devastated. good morning, washington. it's friday, november 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. it is cold out there. >> you definitely need to bundle up. you need an ad and gloves, temperatures in the 30's for lot of folks. it's going to be on the cool side throughout the day and into the weekend. a little weather dilemma of the day. it's going to rain or snow it's questionable. look at that low area of rain and snow mixture in the parts of west virginia and pennsylvania. that disturbance will be moving overhead and could squeeze out something for us today. we will go back and forth between clouds and a little breaks of sunsine as a result. 42 at reagan national, 38
5:32 am
degrees at dulles, " 32 in culpeper. mid 50's by this afternoon. more sunshine by the afternoon. more details on that in the seven-day forecast, but now let's check on traffic with steve. >> 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, and in springfield northbound, just waiting to emerge from the g.w. parkway across. looks good across the bridge. no accidents. a little slow across the occoquan. in maryland on the beltway at colesville road between college park and silver spring, a little more volume. here we are in silver spring with traffic headed toward as being the outer loop. 270 in germantown moving smoothly down to the lane divide and onto the beltway.
5:33 am
back to you. >> thank you. the eastern seaboard still struggling to recover from superstorm sandy. >> things slowly getting closer to normal in new york city. thousands of homes and businesses still without power but officials say it should be restored in manhattan by saturday. the mayor said the city will also send bottled water and ready to eat meals to the target areas. drivers continue waiting in long lines at open gas stations. most are closed. amtrak will start offering modified service between washington and new york city later today. hard-hit new jersey also struggling right now. millions of people still without power. one power company says it could take two weeks to restore power in some of the most devastated areas. governor christie says he may order schools to reopen next thursday and friday. they were supposed to be closed for the teachers' convention that's now cancelled. military trucks will serve as makeshift polling places on election day. >> sandy is being blamed for 90
5:34 am
deaths nationwide including four in maryland. an elderly man in western maryland died this week. he was shoveling snow. the other fatalities in maryland include a contractor killed by a falling tree. in annapolis, a retiree died after a tree fell on his house. a woman was killed in a storm- related car crash in germantown. the local red cross and dominion sending teams to help assist in the cleanup. >> the cruise will head to west virginia, which was buried in snow, and to new jersey. \ -- the rcrews will be headed to west virginia. >> now the utility company is ready for this giant mobil operation. 1500 workers are being sent out this morning to new jersey, where major outages remain. we are told this is the largest group ever sent out a state. these men and women coming off
5:35 am
of a very long days. along the jersey shore, 60% of homes are still without power ended could last another 10 days. not to mention temperatures expected to dip into the 30's this weekend up north. locally, the red cross is deploying volunteers and resources to west virginia, where sandy pushed over 3 feet of snow. here at the gaylord the crew members will have breakfast at 6:00 this morning and then they will hit the road at 8:00. reporting live at the national harbor, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. just a few more days away from the election. president obama and mitt romney making a final push for votes. and keeping an eye on the october jobs report which is due out at 8:30. it is the final snapshot of the nation's employment picture before the election. the president campaigns in the
5:36 am
battleground state of ohio. mitt romney in ohio and wisconsin. president obama's closing argument focuses on bringing about change, but romney counters the argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought for it. you have too. after all we have been through together, we cannot give up now. >> i believe america finally needs real change that was promised. we will give it to the american people. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama, saying hurricane sandy reshaped his thinking and the president will take action on climate change. president obama campaigns in bristow, virginia tomorrow. we invite you to tell us about any problems or any issues you might see at polling places across the d.c. area. we have all the details at >> still ahead, u.s. officials disputing a new report on the
5:37 am
response time to the deadly attack on the american consulate in libya. >> tragedy among sandy's bruins in new york. a [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy
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>> good morning, washington. >> good morning. it's 41 degrees outside, a chilly start. >> i need to -- you might need to grab the golos = = gloves. >> or maybe even a hat. we have a little sprinkle or snow flurry possible. checking the super doppler, you can see maybe a little in the northwestern parts of maryland. a little weak disturbance that will try to pick something up later this morning. otherwise, sunshine and clouds alternating. 38 degrees at dulles, 36 in gaithersburg now culpeper's freezing. we will warm up into the 50's, still below average. partly sunny with a few sprinkles possible. the weekend forecast is the best
5:41 am
news of the day. even though we will stay a little cooler, we will see little more sunshine and we will get an extra hour of sleep. so that's good. now to traffic with steve hershorn. >> there was a report of a vehicle fire in manassas, eastbound 66 near business 234. turned out to be a truck that had the brics smoking. looks like the fire is out and it's on the side. -- brakes smoking. onlookers looking at that. 270 at 118, not bad. looks pretty good to lane divide. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, facebook changing its time line again. >> it happens all the time. the latest changes.
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>> why an international airline turns to how best to teach passengers about safety. -- hobbits. >> d.c. united had to shuffle their schedule because of sandy. we will talk with their team president about the changes. >> and we will talk about what to expect from the presidential candidates in this vfinal week before the election. police asking for help in finding a missing teenager from rockville, a 15-year-old last thing on thursday. elmer m. garciae garcia. .
5:46 am
if you have information, get in touch with montgomery county police. we have for terrible stories from superstorm sandy, but none as tragic as this. >> glenda moore and her two young sons were trying to find shelter on staten island at the height of the storm. her truck went off the road and she and her sons went to nearby homes for help, but the man who lived there turned away. we spoke with the homeowner. >> the police say that she came here and knocked on your door. absolutely not. >> so you did not see a woman with two children? >> she told police that she went to the back of the house and try to break a window with a far cry to get inside, but that failed. the rushing waters eventually swept her sons away.
5:47 am
>> i am devastated. i would want to be dead with them. i would die. i cannot believe this happened. artsfest researched the nearby march for a couple days before they found the bodies of the boys 100 feet apart. -- rescuers searched the nearby marsh. another problem is trying to find gasoline >> . we will go to our abc affiliate in new york. these are live pictures from a gas station in harlem, located on 145th street. it's one of the only gas stations in harlem to have gas at this hour. i hope we will be able to get to the live pictures. you see them now. people waiting for gas. a lot of these people have been waiting six hours.
5:48 am
you can see nypd officers making sure everyone is calm because some people have been arrested this morning because tempers are flaring as people have been waiting for hours in their cars. some people have been standing in line, holding gas judge walking up to the gas station waiting in long lines to get gas. this is one of the only gas stations in the area that has power and it gets gas from a local supplier. that's why it has been able to keep gas during this aftermath of hurricane sandy man has hit that area quite hard. 145th street in harlem, live. that's the case throughout the tristate area, with just a small number of gas stations open. in new jersey, 60% of gas stations are closed. in long island, new york, 60% of the gas stations are closed. taxicabs are trying to fuel up.
5:49 am
back to you. >> thank you. the people in new york are struggling on many levels. 5:48 now. the deadly attacks on the american consulate in benghazi, libya. u.s. intelligence officials said that they went to aid of staff < 25 minutes after they got the first call for help. clerk of the cia is denying a report by fox news that the cia told its personnel to stand down. the terrorist attack killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans. facebook testing out some new things to get users to try to stay on their web site lager >> and. spanx is coming to the d.c. area with its own store. linda bell is joining us live from new york. hi, linda. >> hello to you. there's a new store coming to town. spanx is an undergarment that helps suck it in.
5:50 am
it's opening a stand-alone store at the tysons corner center. it is scary at department stores nationwide. opening its own shop will increase the company's visibility. facebook users are unhappy about switching the timeline. now facebook is testing out a new format with a small percentage of users. it places all posts in a single column on the left while other things are on the right such as activities. facebook is looking at a new classified ad service similar to craigslist. it is called marketplace and allows users to create short ads that appear on your friends news feeds. facebook is trying to make its users happy and keep them on a website lager in order to boost revenue. that is business news and bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for
5:51 am
abc 7 news. -- users on the website longer. >> and now, arch campbell. >> denzel washington makes a movie, people pay attention. his new thriller packs a wallop. >> we are in an uncontrolled pattern. something is jammed. >> "flight" begins with a special effects recreation that you will want to watch. washington is at the controls and is able to land a machine in spite of his dark secret. he drinks and abuses drugs. he lan's the airllands the airplane
5:52 am
dropped. it is 3.5 stars with an exciting finish. it is a great drama. and it the best bet along with argo and the sessions. have a nice weekend, everybody. arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thank you so much. some decent movies. >> you might want to stay inside. >> the son will finally come out this weekend although it will still being cool. -- the sun will finally come out this weekend. we have some drier air trying to move in, but there's a little disturbance in the upper atmosphere that will bring some clouds and maybe a sprinkle or a snow flurries. you can see it on the doppler radar, light snow and rain at the mason-dixon line. that is what we will be watching to move over here later
5:53 am
today. it is cold all across the east. cooler air sliding down the appalachian mountains and a little warmer towards the coast. 33 degrees -- 43 degrees at this hour at reagan national. in the 30's in many spots. 36 in manassas, 38 at dulles, 34 at culpeper, 41 in winchester, 40 in fredericksburg. 62 and 45 are the average temperatures. so you do have the right to complain today. even though high pressure is trying to build, the flow will be from the north and northwest. and we have lingering remnants of sandy. we will see sun and clouds off and on and a possible sprinkle, 55 degrees. partly cloudy tonight, 33-40
5:54 am
degrees. almost everybody will get into the 30's overnight tonight. the seven-day forecast, a pretty quiet overall. we're watching election day weather, right now nothing to hamper the view from voting. some models picking up a coastal storm for the middle of the week, wednesday. that will move into the areas that have been ravaged by sandy. am thinking this will be just a rain event, but we will keep you abreast of any changes. one of the things i have been treating this as a website from across that will allow you to donate to the victims of sandy. -- tweeting. you can get in touch with me on facebook or twitter. now adam caskey has the latest from storm chaser 7. kind of nippy. >> i'm trying to keep warm in bethesda but it's not as bad as
5:55 am
elsewhere just outside the beltway. in culpeper it's 34 degrees. 37 in gaithersburg. 43 at storm chasers 7 outside the diner, a popular location early in the morning in bethesda. we are falling back one hour later this weekend as we go to bed saturday night. if we're going back to standard time. set your clocks back overnight saturday night into sunday morning. the bonus is we get an extra hour of sleep. sunday will change the sun rise to about 6:40 a.m., but the sunset is close to 5:00 p.m. you will see in all the cars with headlights on when you leave work on monday from the office. it's that time of year. that's all for the forecast. now to steve hershorn. for the
5:56 am
>> lots of cars southbound 270 and at the springfield interchange on northbound 95 from dale city to springfield we are ok. this year is 270 at 109, moving pretty slowly down toward the truck scales, not unusual. everything is open and all the way down to the lane divide and on to the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway. dulles airport area, looking pretty good, the dulles toll road, light volume. back to you. >> thank you. 5:56, 41 degrees. much more to come. a new twist in the nationwide meningitis. meningitis >> the
5:57 am
how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> a sister company of the massachusetts formally linked to the meningitis outbreak is voluntarily recalling all medications. it says it has not received any reports of negative reaction that it is complying with the fda called to improve stability testing procedures. another hour of news starts right now at 6:00. we will start things up a breaking news of a police involved shooting in its -- in stafford county. >> there is an

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